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Contact: Jim Heintz
Way Out Ware
Tel: 805-773-7952

Way Out Ware Releases SynthX – Professional Polyphonic Analog Modeling Synth For The iPad

Premium virtual analog synthesis comes to the iPad in a big way.

Way Out Ware, Pismo Beach CA, based award-winning music software company today announced the release, and immediate availability of their latest instrument developed for the iPad, SynthX.

SynthX is a full-featured professional grade analog modeling synth that has been designed from the ground up for use on the iPad. SynthX melds a 6 voice/oscillator synth engine modeled after a vintage ARP synthesizer with a flexible and intuitive new user interface.

Beyond offering one of the first professional polyphonic virtual analog experiences on the iPad, SynthX also delivers a multitude of performance options. Users will enjoy, 3 different on screen touch controllable interfaces as well as the ability to control SynthX via usb, and wifi MIDI controllers.

SynthX Features:

* Polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer built using Way Out Ware's award winning virtual analog technology.

* 24 db/oct filter

* Oscillators with simultaneous saw and pulse waveforms.

* Noise generator with sample and hold

* LFO Sync to MIDI Beat Clock

* ADSR Envelope

* Classic ARP style LFO, ADSR, and sample and hold control routings

* Effects including Distortion, Delay, Limiter, plus Flanger and Chorus with syncable LFO.

* Delay modeled after a vintage Echoplex tape delay, including smooth delay sweep feature.

* Separate effects chain for external audio input.

* Built-in recording with support for AudioCopy and Paste.

* Large built library of sounds included with over 200 professionally designed patches.

* Supports CoreMIDI including Note On/Off Send and Receive with Velocity, receive Aftertouch (including poly aftertouch), MIDI Beat Clock

*Multiple playing modes including XY, Grid, classic Keys, USB MIDI, and WIFI MIDI

SynthX is available now for purchase in the Apple iTunes Store with a price of $ 9.99

For review copies and to find out more about SynthX or any other Way Out Ware products please visit www.wayoutware.com

About Way Out Ware:

Founded by synth junky and softsynth guru Jim Heintz, Way Out Ware's first release, TimewArp 2600 was so widely renown for its faithful recreation of the Arp 2600's sound and functionality it is to this day the only Arp 2600 emulation endorsed by the 2600's inventor.

Way Out Ware has continued this tradition of unmatched sound and functionality with its subsequent offerings as well as it's partnerships with SONiVOX, Roger Linn Design, and others.

With the emergence of the iPad as a new music making platform, Way Out Ware has taken a leadership role in creating great sounding and intuitive music making applications for the iOS.

To find out more about Way Out Ware please visit www.wayoutware.com

Click here for a text copy of this press release

Click here for sample screen shots of SynthX